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About Us

Funda Sonke is an on-line based company which offers real time Physics and beyond tutoring service. Our service aims to provide high quality and comprehensive one on one educational assistance and tutoring to Grade 10-12 IEB and SNC (Senior National Certificate) students, AS-level, A-level Cambridge students, first year undergraduates. We also aim to service professionals studying via correspondence for further skills and professional development. This is part of Funda Sonke's vision to be the leading real-time interactive on-line tutoring service in South Africa and the African continent. While ensuring quality, affordable education in STEM subjects and beyond across a very broad spectrum of students.

The aim is to provide on-line tutoring services which are of high quality and comprehensive via one on one and/or group educational assistance in the comfort of the student's home. This will be coupled with career guidance and mentorship for each student were an insight of the different career paths that each pupil can pursue will be discussed with the tutor. The on-line service is part of our drive towards paperless learning and bringing environmental friendliness to the education system. As much as Funda Sonke is structured to be a profitable business, it also focuses on social enterprise business were our services are made available to high merit pupils from disadvantaged communities.

Our Vision

To be the leading live and interactive on-line tutoring service in South Africa and the African continent by providing quality and up to date educational and home schooling assistance.


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Our Mission

To provide a results driven, high quality real-time on-line tutoring service to anyone located anywhere in South Africa and beyond.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of services which include but are not limited to:

  • One on one on-line tutoring and home schooling assistance.
  • Group on-line tutoring and educational assistance.
  • School weekend exam preparation and catch up programs.
  • School holiday programs in remote areas by utilizing mobile computer labs with Internet access.
  • Teacher skills development on technological tools for on-line teaching and learning.
  • On-line tutoring for professionals furthering their studies while working.